A community approach to building a trauma informed, healing-centred nation.

Community starts with you.

You. And me. Us.

We all want healthy, safe places in which to live and work and where children grow up safe from harm and knowing we’re there for them. Especially now.

Angel Lane CIC provides services and activities which support and actively involve family and community members. We work, too, with people and organisations to develop systems, projects and approaches which support those among us who have experienced trauma and adversity in childhood. And we help people with great ideas for change and growth bring them to life and fruition.

The dream

“If you can get the science into the hands of the general population, they will invent very wise actions.” 

The ‘science’ is that of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the quote is from the film Resilience. The film traces the growth of a movement to prevent and treat the ‘toxic stress’ which can, but with the right support need not, follow from experiencing trauma and adversity in childhood.

We want to address the impact that ACEs and trauma can have throughout a life-course but mostly we want to prevent adversity in childhood from happening in the first place.

This is something we can only realise as a whole community and so we come together and invite you, whether you’re a parent or professional, volunteer or change-maker, to join in making ours a trauma-informed, healing-centred nation.

A growing team

Founded in Kent in 2017, Angel Lane CIC is a not-for-profit social action project. Our team is an association of individuals all practiced in their respective fields but coming together with this same aim. Some, too, have lived experience/expertise of adversity in childhood and with it the certain knowledge that intergenerational cycles can be broken. Our team includes:

Mick Haselden

Parenting specialist and coach, and founder of Angel Lane, Mick is broadly experienced in leadership and governance roles in charities and social enterprises, and keenly promotes positive change and innovation in the sector.

Susie Horton

Play therapist and experienced primary school teacher, Susie works with children and families who have faced adversity and helps them to develop positive, healthy parent-child attachments and relationships.

Tracy Bennett

An independent social worker passionate about supporting adults impacted by ACEs. Applying a therapeutic parenting model, Tracy provides families and those supporting them with practical, effective strategies for connection and wellbeing.

Brian Ward

Therapist and coach specialising in developmental trauma, personality disorders and substance addictions. Brian’s goal is to see intelligent joined-up care planning and provision for those whose life experience may include multiple ACEs.

Nicki Bond

Psychotherapist, supervisor and consultant specialising in developmental trauma, complex PTSD and generational trauma. Working with children, young people and carers, supporting them to develop healthier relationships and attachments.

Vince Parkes

Through his own lived experiences, Vince supports and inspires children, young people and families to believe in the power of change, building rapport and generating a wider understanding of the challenges marginalised young people face.

We are always looking for others to join this group and so, whatever your background or current situation, if you share our aims and commitment we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch