Creating a vision for change

Preventing and reducing the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences is a complex issue that requires leadership across multiple organisations and communities. To achieve this there needs to be a system-wide shift in thinking and practice which places front line staff and citizens as experimenters, innovators and future leaders.

We hope to see an ever-increasing capacity for practitioners and community leaders to generate change together by:

  • Creating learning environments to explore and make sense of change from a range of perspectives
  • Develop tailored interventions, based on understanding of local population needs and evidence.

Angel Lane coaches and facilitates individuals and teams and brings together diverse place-based groups to generate ideas and put them into practice. We assist you to develop prototype activities and services and, with more developed ideas, help to integrate these into mainstream provision, align with multiagency approaches and frameworks, and attune to broader, shared vision and purpose.

Participant reflections

Time to think about personal experience alongside professional goals, recognise the uncertainty associated with dealing with complex change and that this is about many rather than one solution.

Coaching sessions gave you the confidence to think about ideas and take them forward

Everyone has a little bit of the jigsaw of what is happening in that particular locality.

The coaching sessions were invaluable, providing me with a creative space to brainstorm ideas and enabling me to develop these into tangible goals and strategies.

Enabled me not only to gain greater clarity but also provided me with the encouragement to pursue my goals.

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