Personal and Organisational Development

Our vision is of a trauma-informed, healing-centred nation.

A trauma-informed approach is:

An organisational transformation model that improves awareness of trauma and its impacts, supports services to consider and put in place appropriate support, and prevents re-traumatising those accessing or working in services.

Through training, consultancy and coaching, and with programmes to develop ACE Ambassadors and ACE Champions, Angel Lane works with individuals and teams, organisations and authorities to develop trauma-informed practices and approaches. These we offer through an ‘ACE-aware’ lens, recognising and imparting the value of lived experience and expertise in developing authentic, innovative, resilience-building services and interventions, helping you to:

  • Raise awareness of the impact of ACEs and developmental trauma in your setting
  • Create safe spaces for practitioners and people using your services
  • Develop strengths based, empowering and collaborative approaches to care
  • Involve those with lived experience/expertise to co-create and produce innovative solutions
  • Build a platform to develop future leaders
  • Shift the emphasis towards prevention.

Supervision and consultation

Angel Lane provides supervision to carers, social workers, counsellors and school staff and consultancy services to fostering agency and frontline workers. We support adoptive and foster families to improve outcomes for looked after children by providing:

  • Online and face to face therapeutic parenting workshops and courses
  • Bespoke, one to one, sessions tailored to each carer’s individual situation
  • Facilitating trauma informed team meetings, offering bespoke strategies for teams and settings to build on good practice and further embed a trauma-informed approach, providing detailed reports with clear recommendations for best practice.